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How to Increase Higher Education Student Engagement with Marketing

Planning your higher education marketing strategies is about working around two things: the rising cost of tuition and the growing number of students applying to post-secondary institutions. Not to mention, students have a lot of options to choose from. To compete, you need to create digital marketing campaigns that: appeal to peoples’ emotions create a sense of urgency. But why exactly is this the case? Consumers attach the same personality characteristics to brands that they do to people. Yet, this is about a lot more than creating a sense of…

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The Ultimate Step-by-step Facebook Retargeting Guide

This ultimate Facebook Retargeting guide will show you the importance of remarketing, how remarketing works on Facebook, and how you can set up Facebook Retargeting for your own business. You go shopping on for phones and you fall in love with that sleek and stylish phone. But you’re concerned that it would cost you a kidney. So, you go back to Google to search for similar phones that fit your budget. Et voila! There’s the same phone of your dreams with a better offer in an ad. Looking at…

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What are Marketing Channels and How They Work Together (Updated for 2018)

We’ve been saying that all your marketing channels need to work together to achieve your goals. We say that a lot. Each marketing channel is, after all, part of a tactic in your greater strategy. The trick is to leverage each channel at what it does best. So what are each channel’s strengths? If you’re going to use any marketing channel effectively, you need to know how to use it properly. That includes knowing what works well for each medium. Social media, with some exceptions (I’m looking at you, Instagram),…

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