Best 15+ Event Invitation Email Templates and Examples You Can Steal

Event marketing allows you to interact with your buyers and create a lasting, positive impression of your business. That’s just one of the reasons that 31% of marketers believe event marketing is the single-most effective marketing channel.

We all know that event marketing is never easy, though: you have to plan everything in advance and put together an effective communication strategy to coordinate your attendees.

To make your strategy a success, you have to put together an event invitation email your invitees just can’t resist. Here is a look at some of the best email invitation email templates and examples that you can steal to attract more event attendees than ever before!

To make your strategy a success, you have to put together an event invitation email your invitees just can’t resist. Here is a look at some of the best email invitation email templates and examples that you can steal to attract more event attendees than ever before!

1. What should you include in your event invitation email?

Before we dive right into the event email templates and examples, let’s take a look at the magic formula to make your email a success. You must include the following to create an attractive and purposeful event invitation email:

Specific information

Your email must include all the specific information about your event, of course. At a minimum, you will want to include the following pieces of information:

  • Time
  • Date
  • Location
  • Duration

You should also think of any other important information about your event. If there’s an entry fee or a dress code, for instance, you should include that information in the email.

Personalized data

Personalization is very important when it comes to marketing and can offer you a quick win. In fact, only around 50% of marketers personalize their emails. So, there is a lot of unused potential here, and you can stand our from the crowd very easily. You should personalize your email wherever possible – include the name and business name of your recipient, for example.

Attractive copy and design

Your email should look beautiful on every device ,and the copy should strike a balance between fun and informative – you want your invitees to be informed and pumped for your event!

Work with your designers and copywriters to create an email that resonates with your invitees. It’s crucial that you put your best foot forward, so make sure to proofread the copy before hitting “send”.

A great call to action

Every marketer can do better than “click here” – you should do your best to create an engaging and attractive call to action that compels your invitees to register.

Pull out all the tricks to make sure that your invitees click – think about the color, location, and tone of your CTA for the best results.

Remember that the CTA should (in most cases) link to a landing page for the event.

Additional information

In your copy, think of other things you can include to make your invite more appealing, depending on who is going to receive the email. For example, showcase the speakers on your conference, adding a quick bio or info, including the subject they specialize in. Mention previous events if they were a success – e.g., throw in how many people have visited you in the past.

If you need some help in differentiating segments for whom you should send different invitations, check out our article: Email Segmentation for Event Marketing Campaigns.

2. Event invitation email templates & examples

Google Cloud

google cloud invitation email

No wonder that Google – one of the world’s most successful companies – knows how to put together a stunning event invitation email.

I love that fact all of the key information is given to the reader right away. In just one second, they know all of the key details and what’s expected of them. This shows that Google respects their invitees’ time.

Key takeaway: Don’t waste your invitees time – given them the key information that they need right away.

Facebook Business

facebook business invitation email.

Facebook is another digital behemoth and this short event invitation email keeps things very simple.

The email leads with a nice graphic that adds a human touch, and then proceeds to outline the benefits of attending the event. It’s a compelling outline of what to expect and it takes just one moment to read.

Key takeaway: Be sure to articulate the intent and value of your event to make life simpler for your invitee.


havaianas invitation email.

Havaianas is a quirky clothing brand that’s all about color and fun.

This email does a great job of capturing that vitality. It’s focused around a key graphic and you can get a good idea about the event at just a glance! It’s a great example of how to use graphics in your emails.

Key takeaway: If you need to use visuals, go for it! Make sure you create beautiful images that are going to impress your recipient.


asana invitation email example.

Asana is a project management tool that gives teams around the world the power to organize their projects effectively. This email is straight-to-the-point and I love that it combines the best parts of the Google and Facebook email: all of the practical information is served up right away alongside a clear value proposition.

Key takeaway: Cut to the point and your invitees will love you for it.



Each day, millions of people around the world love to grab a Starbucks to power through their day.

WIth this event invitation email example, Starbucks plays on its powerful brand and adds just a light touch of its branding. It makes the whole “happy hour” concept feel more authentic and less forced.

Key takeaway: Think about how to present your brand in your event email according to your event objectives.

Inspiration Cruises & Tours

Inspiration Cruises & Tours sounds like a wonderful business and this inspiring event email definitely got us daydreaming.

The email uses a nice mixture of beautiful imagery, encouraging copy, and trendy design to put together an inspiring email. The email captures the essence of the brand and oozes quality – don’t you just want to click?

Key takeaway: Don’t be afraid to incorporate lots of images if you feel like it’s appropriate and it will help you to meet your objectives.



The sun has officially set on Sunrise, a discontinued calendar application. But we can still draw inspiration from its elegant event invitation email.

This reminder email keeps things very simple – it puts all of the key information at the forefront so that the recipient can make an informed decision.

Key takeaway: Don’t be afraid to dispatch very concise and accurate event invitation emails to save the time of your recipients.



Zoom is gathering an impressive reputation as one of the world’s leading online conferencing tools.

This webinar invitation email uses a nice blend of everything we’ve learned above: the images are pleasant, the copy offer a concise outline, and the key information is clear and easy to identify.

Key takeaway: Try to strike a balance between your copy, imagery, and key information. This creates an effortless feel.


Synapse invitation email.

Synapse is an annual user conference for Segment. This is one event email invitation in a series.

The email does a great job of creating a sense of urgency and offering a direct CTA while also offering supplementary information to get recipients excited about the event.

Key takeaway: If you use a few emails as part of your communication strategy, don’t be afraid to experiment with your CTAs.


Themeforest invitation email example.

This email invitation template is loaded with practical information.

As you can see, the email places a big emphasis on sharing details about the agenda. If you’ve put together an incredible agenda that’s going to attract your attendees, be sure to lead with it!

Key takeaway: Understand what makes your event unique and be sure to lean on it to get your recipients equally as excited!

Hyped Marketing

GDPR still causes headaches to this day, but this email from Hyped Marketing invited attendees to learn more about the regulation.

The email has a very modern design with flashy visuals – it’s undoubtedly impressive and appropriate given the subject at hand. I like the way that the key information is in its own column, making it easy to digest.

Key takeaway: Make sure to invest the appropriate amount of time and effort into creating an attractive design – it can spell the difference between success and failure for your email.


BARK invitation email

This email invitation example is great fun. The email is very easy to skim, as the design has been broken it up into smaller sections. Those sections are used to good effect, and they help to feed the sense of humor.

Key takeaway: Make sure to think about how your recipient is going to read your email. Use your design abilities to make sure that the copy of your email is broken up appropriately.


venngage email invitation

Everybody loves an ugly Christmas sweater, and
this invitation shows that invitations don’t have to be super fancy depending
on the context.

This example event is thrown at a person’s house – they don’t need to get too crazy! If you’re throwing a small internal event within your business, for instance, you could take to Canva to create a simple yet attractive event invitation graphic.

Key takeaway: Consider your audience to make sure that you create an event invitation email that is appropriate.


litmus email invitation

This event invitation email from Litmus uses great design to divide information up into a logical way and help the recipient understand the email.

This email advertisers a range of events in one email and uses a card-based design approach to remove the hierarchy – all of the events are equally important and full of life.

Key takeaway: Think about how you can use design to make your email and the information within it as clear as possible.

GitHub event invitation email.

Git Merge is a big event within the
development community and this email does a great job of sharing key
information for the busy invitees.

The design is very clean and it shares the goals of the event well. I do have one criticism, though, given that the CTA buttons seem to be reversed – it looks like the sender was trying to attract more speaking proposals rather than sell tickets!

Key takeaway: Be careful when it comes to the design choices that you make. A professional designer should offer you recommendations and insight to give you the best chance of success.


Dreamforce email invite.

Salesforce is one of the world’s largest
companies and it does a great job of building hype for its Salesforce Live

The copy is really great – I love the way that the introductory text blends together a direct CTA with a clear and concise value proposition. It helps to get the reader excited and enthusiastic right away.

Key takeaway: Make sure to pay attention to your copy and create inspiring messaging that will get your attendees to click.


As you can see, there are lots of best practices that you can choose to follow when it comes to creating your event invitation email. I hope you have found some examples here that you can use for inspiration – good luck, and I hope that your event is amazing!

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