How We’re Working for You During COVID-19

Here at Unbounce, we’re continuing to watch and adapt to COVID-19 as details emerge. But this isn’t business as usual for anybody—it’s uncharted territory, and it’s understandable that many of us are feeling anxious about what comes next.

Landing pages are certainly not top-of-mind for you at this time. Right now, you’re concerned about your health, your family, and your community.

But if worries about your campaigns and software subscriptions are piling stress onto an already stressful situation, we want to take that pressure off.

At Unbounce, we’re doing all we can to handle our side of things best for you, so you can take care of the things that matter most—whether that’s how we’re answering current, immediate questions from our customers, or determining how we can best help small businesses generally as things progress.

For customers, generally—here’s what we’ve heard from you:

Our teams have been talking to marketers across the industry spectrum. Here’s what you’re telling us you’re facing right now:

  • Many brands are in a rush to communicate crisis messaging. For instance, ecomm brands need to convey details of delayed shipping or supply chain interruptions to their audience. A great option for this is via popups and sticky bars on their site, or via email. Ideally, ecommerce brands are trying to cover all points of contact without creating more noise.
  • Some brands are struggling in unanticipated ways. Brick and mortar restaurants and small businesses are readjusting their business models to keep serving and keep people employed. Michelin-starred restaurants are offering takeout or delivery, and even very traditional shops are scrambling to create an online presence.
  • Some businesses are experiencing unexpected traffic surges at this time. Online learning platforms and mindfulness apps are seeing a huge surge of new traffic, exceeding their plans’ limits. They’re unsure how to best support their new audience or this volume of demand.
  • Travel-related businesses are being hit with booking cancelations and changes to their services, ultimately needing to find ways to address the current uncertainty about borders and international travel. Many events and conferences have been postponed or outright canceled, with a fast transition to online events where possible.
  • Agencies whose clients are cutting ad spend are in a rush to alter campaigns and promotional activities. Understandably, many are in watch-and-wait mode when it comes to making further investments in their PPC or social campaigns.

Again, everyone is figuring out what marketing even looks like in the current landscape. There’s been some cringe-worthy stuff hitting all of our feeds and inboxes, but we’ve also seen some genuinely helpful moves from companies, too.

How we’d like to help…

Right now, you might need to scale up or scale back on your operations. You might be pivoting to a new approach, or you might just need a helping hand figuring out your next move.

If you’re facing uncertainty, we’re best able to help if you reach out to us directly. We recommend starting a live chat in the Unbounce builder (by selecting “contact us” in the ? dropdown) or via email at We’re also available by phone at 1-604-484-1354.

We’re working from home like many of you, but we’re also all hands on deck and are scheduling one to one calls to work out the right approach for your business. We know software costs can be stressful in a crisis, so we want to help—whatever that looks like for you.

What’s more, we can set up a strategy session with our Success Managers for you as an existing customer. We want to help put your best page forward with a page audit, and give you some tips for converting based on what we know about your industry and offer. Simply get in touch, and we’ll get you scheduled.

If you’re in healthcare, education, nonprofit, or government—we’d like to give you our essential plan for free.

If you work in these industries, and sign up before June 1st, our landing page builder is open to you for three months at no cost. You offer mission-critical services that are needed more than ever, and this is the least we can do.

We’ll ensure you get setup help via our onboarding team and that you’re equipped to get up and running with whatever you need. This can include training on how to build a popup or sticky bar for your site for crisis comms, or new offers you might have, for example.

To clarify: this is open to everyone in healthcare, education, nonprofit, or government, and there’s absolutely no obligation that you continue as our customer afterward.It’s an essential plan available free, for a 3-month duration, from the time of your sign up.

Simply sign up for a trial via our pricing page, then email (or reply to any of our onboarding emails) with the industry you’re in and your request to get essential for free. From there our specialists have you covered. They’ll reach out, confirm your industry, and ensure you won’t be billed.

Also, we’re looking to create or curate content most useful to small businesses sorting out the marketing landscape.

Finally, we’d like to be a resource in uncertain times—we’re just working out what that looks like right now. Across our marketing channels, our business-as-usual content on conversion optimization doesn’t seem like the most helpful thing in the current climate so that’s on pause for a bit.

Instead, we’re focused on how we might help you navigate the marketing landscape when things are uncertain, and we’re asking what you might find useful.

On social media, you’ve specifically asked us about:

  • Working in higher stress environments and how to handle fear from clients
  • How small companies can quickly regain visibility after the crisis has ended, get back in touch with customers, and boost business again
  • Remote team building tactics and how to best transition to remote work
  • Improving existing marketing skills on teams, or helping the newly unemployed who want to gain these skills

Over the next few days, our team is looking into what we might be able to curate on the above. We may not be able to speak as an authority on all the topics you’re looking for at this time—so we’re mindful of striking a balance. We may not know how to keep the kids from driving you nuts on Zoom calls—but we do know how to curate a helpful resource. (At least, we like to think we do.)

We’re here when you need us.

We continue to be inspired and humbled by all of the kick-ass things that you’re all doing, even outside of challenging times. Whether you’re moving full-steam ahead on adjusting your approach or taking a necessary break to ensure your own health or that of your family, we’re with you.

If you need immediate assistance with your Unbounce account, use the live chat or support email mentioned above. But comments on this post are also open, you can reach out on Twitter, and we’re ready to show you what we mean when we say we’re people-first.

Stay safe, friends.

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