More For Your Clients, More For You: The Best Way to Give Your Agency an Edge This Year

The agency life ain’t easy. There’s constant competition to acquire new clients and new agencies are poppin’ up every day.

You know your agency delivers and that your team is stacked with experts. You know your clients will be happy they chose you because you’ve got a great track record. But, you also know every agency out there is saying the exact. same. thing.

It helps to have something extra in your proverbial utility belt—something to offer outside your stellar services that sets your agency apart. Something like The Unbounce Partner Program, which gives you several of those somethings. In fact, you may need a bigger belt. And a bigger wallet.

Skip the details and see for yourself. Sign up to join the Unbounce Partner Program.

A referral program designed for agencies and marketers, the just-launched Unbounce Partner Program gives you 20% of the monthly recurring revenue (or 25% of the total annual revenue) for every client you help discover Unbounce. It was inspired by those who’ve been referring Unbounce unofficially for years—and who we wanted to give thanks to on top of the returns that were naturally occurring.

Agencies teaming up with Unbounce, in particular, have seen advantages over their competitors in two ways.

First, by creating landing pages for their clients that get higher conversion rates time and time again. Customized landing pages are a proven way to improve the performance of paid advertising, email, and lead generation campaigns. The results speak for themselves, clients listen, and more often than not, the agency that provided all that R for their I becomes the go-to choice for future services.

“Once [clients] hear that we can go out and buy the same clicks anyone else can, there’s nothing proprietary about that, but we can leverage the PPC experience with landing page testing….That’s when clients start to understand ‘OK, this is a company worth working with’. If only for that differentiator.” – Andrew Miller, Co-Founder of Workshop Digital

And second, agencies add to the power of their own expertise by combining it with ours. We’ve been toiling away in the marketing industry for ten human years, 70 dog years, or approximately 378 marketing years (we all know how fast that shizz moves) and have become the top choice for conversion platforms by doing our homework and testing for what works.

We back you with the tools to pull off the results your clients will get excited about, as well as tons of learning resources to stay ahead of the game. Whether it’s demystifying GDPR, choosing Accelerated Mobile Pages, explaining the wild world of Google’s rules, or figuring out makes a page as optimized as possible, we’ve got you covered.

Becoming an Unbounce Partner is a way to underline these benefits, weave in a couple more, and add to your cash flow on top of it all. Without further ado, here are some of the ways you can use the Unbounce Partner Program to grow your agency and make your clients really, really happy.

Offer Landing Page Services with Inarguable ROI

It’s no small potatoes to put your word behind a product—putting yours behind Unbounce means making a promise to your clients that it’ll help their business. At over 500 million conversions clocked in by our customers, you can rest assured that promise will be kept.

“In some cases, we saw conversion increases of over 70%, just by switching a client’s landing page over to Unbounce. Because Unbounce allows us to test and iterate more rapidly, we’re able to increase our speed of testing which is a win for everyone involved.” – Nicholas Scalice, Founder of Earnworthy and Unbounce Partner

And, it’s easy to start offering these services. Any member of your team can create slick, on-brand landing pages, popups, and sticky bars using drag-and-drop functionality and a huge variety of templates that can be customized to your (client’s) heart’s content. Under the hood, you’ve got Unbounce Speed Boost for fast-loading pages on desktop and mobile, super-granular audience targeting, dynamic text replacement, and more features that create a better and higher-converting visitor experience.

In other words, we make sure your word delivers.

Easy Campaign Management (for all) and Ongoing Profit (for You)

Multiple client sub-accounts have always made for easy campaign organization and collaboration. Before the Partner Program was born, agencies using Unbounce would typically add clients into their own account. As an Unbounce Partner, a simple switcheroo—giving your clients their own accounts and having your team members added as users in theirs—allows for the same campaign management and collaborative freedom while bringing in that sweet, sweet referral cash to boot.

“We’ve been using an agency account for years, often charging clients a usage fee to use our agency account. The Partner Program is great because it gets clients to use their own accounts that earn us a referral fee, which can really add up over time. And our commissions increase if they opt into larger packages.” – Patrick Schrodt, Founder of Titan PPC and Unbounce Partner

If you and your client end up going separate ways, a silver lining remains in the form of lifetime Partner Program earnings. As long as they remain an Unbounce customer, you keep getting paid.

Discounts Your Clients Will Love

Who doesn’t love getting something awesome for less money? Joining the Partner Program gives you access to exclusive discounts you can pay forward to your clients. Discounts they literally can’t get anywhere else (and by literally, we mean literally).

Every client you refer to Unbounce gets 20% off their first three paid months on top of the 30-day free trial. Or, 25% in total off of an annual plan if that’s more their speed. Between your agency’s super team growing their business and serious savings on Unbounce’s conversion power, you’ll be primed for a good ol’ fashioned money fight. We all know that’s what you really do in those pitch meetings.

“We typically see a 2-3x increase in conversion rates with Unbounce. I can’t imagine building a client’s account without Unbounce these days. Especially for anything lead gen. Titan has been growing year over year and a lot of that has to do with client retention. These clients are sticking around because they are converting like mad.”
Patrick Schrodt, Founder of Titan PPC and Unbounce Partner

Brand Alignment and Promo Power

When two rights come together, they can make a damn right. You’ve got a killer team who knows their stuff and a portfolio to prove it. And as mentioned above, Unbounce has a decade of experience in conversion marketing and pudding full of proof that our product works. An official partnership is an instant way to bolster the reputation you’ve worked hard to earn, and strengthen the relationships with your clients over time as you continue to give them results worth celebrating.

As a Partner, you’ll also get co-branded sales enablement materials and templates that will highlight your agency as you promote your partnership to bring in that extra revenue. It’s a partnership, after all—we’re determined to get you as much out of it as we can.

So, want to partner up? Learn more about the program for agencies here or email with any questions you have, be they burning or lukewarm.

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