How Small and Medium Businesses Deal with Work-Life Balance

This is one of the biggest problems I have encountered during my research in the Work-Life Balance of many Small and Medium Business owners. What I have found is there’s one point missing from the many studies on work-life balance. It’s the story of little- and mid-sized company owner, that must find a balance in his work and family life. So we decided to find how entrepreneurs and also online marketers work, their requirements as well as routines when stabilizing company as well as life, as well as just how we can help them conserve even more time to do more of what they enjoy.

GetResponse conducted a global study in July 2018. The action exceeded our expectations– 4,237 small business proprietors and also online marketers made a decision to share their useful voice with us. They told us regarding their obstacles and challenging selections, their objectives as well as individual quests.

We happily present the results of this tremendous research study in the SMB Work-life Equilibrium 2018 Record, produced to recognize the challenges and also benefits of small companies.

Key Data
It’s obvious that business owners work harder to grow the business with limited resources to begin. According to our study, over 25% of SMB marketing experts function greater than 40 hrs a week as well as an outstanding 91% job weekend breaks. They tend to respond to organisation calls and emails in their leisure time (69%) and also some of them haven’t taken a getaway for over 4 years (16%). Exactly how can we speak about work-life equilibrium, then? Apparently, it’s the reason that 32% of SMB business owners choose to start their very own business in the first place. They can invest more time having fun with family and friends (43%) or have more control over their profession (19%).

61% of SMB proprietors informed us they would certainly never return to a 9-5 task. That shows having your own company can be tough, certainly, however it’s gratifying.

We can’t say that entrepreneur can always completely achieve the ideal work-life equilibrium. But we can say that they have actually gone into the era of work-life assimilation. Thanks to modern technology they can be working in between going down youngsters at institution and also going to the health club, having company conferences on Saturdays or dealing with holiday. Plenty of hrs in the office merely don’t matter when you do what you like.

Living proof
To check these concepts, we fulfilled six American business owners, who run small companies in Massachusetts, in person. We asked Harold, Shel, Katie, Kim, Paul, as well as Joanne how they integrate their private and also expert objectives, what challenges they presently have, and also what motivates them to maintain going.

The Result?

Hours of inspiring video materials for small and medium-sized businesses (and yes, we made them available here!)

work life balance videos

From marketing agency owners, through photographers, interior designers, and vintage car dealers – we learned what really defines success for small businesses and how GetResponse can help achieve it. The bottom line is – when done right, running your own business becomes a passion, and passion doesn’t have time frames.

Download our report, keep us inspired and share your story with #getbalance #worklifebalance

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