Keeping Close to Customers – and Why We’ve Opened up in Brazil

When GetResponse launched nearly 20 years ago, we didn’t know where our global growth would take us. So we’re really proud that our new office in Brazil is our sixth global location! And it definitely won’t be the last. 🙂

We’ve seen an amazing appetite for ecommerce marketing across Latin America, and we expect that demand to continue to grow in the future,” says Simon Grabowski, CEO & Founder of GetResponse. “By opening a new office in São Paulo, we can better serve the region – and educate even more growing companies on the power of integrated online marketing.

Keeping Close to Customers – and Why We’ve Opened up in Brazil

Of course, it isn’t always easy growing globally. How do you choose your location? What do you set up first? What segments will you target? These are just a few of the many curly questions we have before each expansion.

What have we learned so far?

That any business with a creative strategy and understanding of world markets can establish a global presence. And it doesn’t have to become a burden for already overstretched marketing managers.

To give you an idea of what a great global strategy looks like, we’ve compiled a list of four top tactics:

  1. Be global, act local.
  2. Launch a social campaign to build your community.
  3. Pick the right co-marketing partners.
  4. Optimize your online experience.

1. Be global, act local.

It’s crucial to start with strong, clear, and consistent branding. One of our most successful tactics was hosting marketing conferences all over the world. The first-ever ResponseCon in October 2017 brought together marketers from across the US. It was a such a hit, we rolled out similar events in Malaysia and Russia.

So how do you preserve your brand’s global look and feel, while establishing a local presence? Here are my top tips:

  • Use a similar event plan.
  • Keep the event names consistent.
  • Listen to your buyer personas.

You can tailor the schedule to each local market but keep the creative and value proposition consistent across regions.

event page for responsecon Boston

Event page for ResponseCon Boston

event page for responsecon kuala lumpur

Event page for ResponseCon Kuala Lumpur

2. Launch a social campaign to build your community.

Our #WorkLifeBalance campaign, best described as a “global social experiment”, was a huge hit. We asked our community to tell us if and how they balanced their work and life – and gained great insights from people just like you: solopreneurs wearing many hats, as well as marketers for SMBs. So, the lesson here is: dare to go social.

The Boston Consulting Group places Brazil and similar countries into a unique digital category: Straight to Social. But we’re still doing our homework to learn what hashtags people in Brazil use when referring to GetResponse on social media (let us know if you have any ideas).

Also, be sure to build a Facebook page for local content. Having done just that for our ASEAN community, we found relatable, regional content generates a greater social response.

The importance of work-life balance

The importance of work-life balance

3. Pick the right co-marketing partners.

Co-marketing spend can be fairly unpredictable ­– since costs can surge from triggers such as dedicated events and developing infrastructure for integrations. But despite this, these partnerships help us attract local audiences, and contribute to our global growth.

This tactic has been particularly fruitful in Russia. Thanks to a strong co-marketing network, we can offer more educational webinars and co-host business breakfasts with local influencers. And right now, we’re working on an exciting partnership within the Brazilian ecommerce world – so stay tuned!

Online marketing analytics webinar with Mail.RU

Online marketing analytics webinar with Mail.RU

B2B marketing automation webinar with Flavita

B2B marketing automation webinar with Flavita

4. Optimize your online experience

What’s one of the best secrets behind our global expansion strategy? Optimizing the “GR8” (great, that is) online experience for all our users – wherever they are. With a website shop available in 25 markets, our localization team is building an intuitive, mobile-friendly online experience.

Martyna Wojtas, our localization manager, explains:

“Language localization means adapting a product or service into the language of any region or country, to account for the difference not only in the language but the culture as well.”

While Google is the world’s most popular search engine, it ranks second or even third in some places. For instance, Yahoo tops the list in Japan, while Yandex is the go-to in Russia. Why does that matter? Because the goal of localization is to provide a product or service that looks and feels as though it was specifically made for the target audience.

Localization involves more processes because it calls for cultural adaptation. You have to consider all the different idioms, dialects, religious and cultural practices, and local beliefs. So while we’re working on creating more marketing materials in Brazilian Portuguese, we’re also localizing the graphics on our Brazilian domains.

GetResponse resources content for local audiences

Provide local content that resonates with your audience

Why have we expanded into Brazil?

Sergio Palmeairo, Country Manager of GetResponse Brazil, says:

‘’We’re now building a team dedicated to growing relationships with customers and agency partners across Brazil Latin America.

In a world where the majority of buyers consult online before making any purchase, having an Internet presence is an obligation for any company that wants to grow. But a presence isn’t just about hosting a website or social networks. It means having an entire ecosystem that works for you and your commercial team 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

GetResponse is on a mission to make the ecommerce easier, and offers the following programs in Latin America to help organizations grow better:

Want to catch up with us in Sao Paulo? We’re exhibiting at the Forum Ecommerce Brasil from August 14-16. Come join us!

Over to you

Is your brand going global? What’s your approach to growth? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Keeping Close to Customers – and Why We’ve Opened up in Brazil

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