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How Ecommerce Company Packlane Delivers On-Brand, Targeted Campaigns with Custom Landing Pages

Step inside the marketer’s brain and you’re likely to find some healthy skepticism. Does this $50 Airbnb come with a three-digit cleaning charge? Will “free shipping” require my firstborn to clear customs? Why does this anonymous benefactor need a credit card number to give me my millions? (And how did he get my email?) Do “fully customized” landing pages secretly mean slower launches, a bulkier building process, or not-totally-customizable-but-hey-close-enough? Not so—at least when it comes to landing pages. Just look to the customization masters at ecomm packaging company Packlane. They…

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Mobile Landing Page Examples That Seriously Set the Bar

We’ve all had frustrating experiences browsing the web on our phones: load times that seem to carry on forever; pages that are cluttered and difficult to navigate; long, rambling blocks of text that make it tough to understand what you’re even looking at. Well, at Unbounce, we’re putting our foot down. We’re tired of junky mobile landing pages. We want to celebrate the pages that do mobile right, with easy-to-follow copy, super-sleek designs, and crazy-fast load times. And since it’s our blog, that’s what we’re going to do. But before…

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Conversion Optimization Landing Page Examples Landing Page Optimization Pay Per Click 

8 Incredible App Landing Pages (and How You Can Create Your Own)

Have you looked at your iPhone’s App Store lately? How about Google Play? I’ve seen landfills with better curation. With more than two million apps available on each store, people have a much better chance of finding a pearl in an oyster than randomly stumbling upon your app. No matter how appealing it is—no matter how entertaining or even life-changing—most people won’t discover it without a robust marketing campaign. (And, to paraphrase Contently’s Bradley Little, going viral is not a strategy.) The first step in marketing your iPhone or Android…

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