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Introducing GetResponse Autofunnel – Now Available for Everyone

Huge news! Autofunnel is now live and available to all GetResponse customers! And everyone can test it for free for 30 days, no matter their GetResponse plan. [UPDATE] Autofunnel is now available to all accounts – free for 30 days All existing GetResponse accounts now get 30-day free access to the tool. Just log in to your GetResponse account and look for Autofunnel in the navigation bar. If you set up a free trial now, you’ll also get access to Autofunnel for the entire duration of your trial period. Pricing…

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digital marketing Email Marketing Funnels Landing Page Optimization marketing Online Marketing 

How to Build a Lead Funnel That Actually Works

Lead generation is important – I’m sure you know that already. Too often, though, we’re becoming too busy with other tasks we enjoy doing more and we neglect the lead generation process altogether. And that’s a huge mistake. Leads that turn into customers are the ones who pay your bills. Even if you have the best business idea, it won’t matter. If you’ve got no leads, your business will sink. The same goes if you to attract the wrong kind of audience. So, how do you generate leads that turn…

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What is a Sales Funnel and How to Build an Effective One

This article explores the methodology and technology of sales funnels – the fastest and the easiest way to promote, sell, and deliver your products or services online. You’ll find this article useful if you have an idea for an online business and you’re looking for a solution to put it quickly into action. What is a sales funnel? The idea of a sales funnel dates back to 1898 when E. St. Elmo Lewis developed a purchase funnel, or purchasing funnel – a marketing model which illustrates the theoretical customer journey…

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The Sneaky Tactic Ecommerce Brands Use to Attract More Customers

Have you ever seen that video of the kid trying to collect water in a wire bucket? It’s pretty hilarious: Problem is, it’s also painfully reminiscent of a lot of marketers’ strategy. Sure, they’re working hard and hustling. But the processes, funnels, and journeys they use create more leaks than that kid’s bucket. And when each leak is losing you thousands in potential revenue, it’s something that needs your attention. Check most funnel visualizations and you’ll see something similar to the example below: a massive loss of customers at every…

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