event Landing Page Optimization 

How Leading Brands Design Effective Event Registration Landing Pages

Your event registration page plays a critical role in converting website visitors. In addition to increasing event ticket sales, your event registration sets expectations for your audience and defines your event brand as a whole. To maximize its potential, your event registration strategy should include elements of the following examples as well as your own personal take on each approach. Increasing event contacts and session registrations is a high priority task for event marketers. This is why it’s so important to use your landing page to make a great first…

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Announcing Call to Action Conference 2018: A Revolution for Today’s Marketing Evolution

Webster’s Dictionary defines a ‘conference’ as, “An event at which industry professionals talk at other industry professionals who’ve stockpiled seven complimentary croissants in their bag to eat later. See also: Room temperature orange juice.” Whether it’s to learn some new tricks, make some new connections or drum up some new business, conferences are a necessary (and sometimes cool) part of being a marketer—but not all of them are worth your time. While your typical marketing conference has morphed from weak coffee and dry PowerPoints to free t-shirts and celebrity thought…

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Are People Watching Your Landing Page Videos? Here’s How to use Google Tag Manager to Check

In 2018, video marketing has become ubiquitous in news feeds and it’s one of the best tools for persuasion you have available to you. In fact, 72% of businesses say video has improved their conversion rates. Naturally, because your landing pages are designed to persuade and convert, it makes total sense you’d want to use videos to boost the power of your offer. But how do you know if visitors are actually interacting with your landing page videos? If you’re spending money on producing video content (especially if it’s offer-specific),…

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