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How We’re Working for You During COVID-19

Here at Unbounce, we’re continuing to watch and adapt to COVID-19 as details emerge. But this isn’t business as usual for anybody—it’s uncharted territory, and it’s understandable that many of us are feeling anxious about what comes next. Landing pages are certainly not top-of-mind for you at this time. Right now, you’re concerned about your health, your family, and your community. But if worries about your campaigns and software subscriptions are piling stress onto an already stressful situation, we want to take that pressure off. At Unbounce, we’re doing all…

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20 Ways to Create the Perfect Thank You Page (with Examples)

Success: the feeling you get when someone fills out your opt-in form, completes a purchase, signs up to your email, or whatever the desired end goal is on your website. You created the perfect landing page and got your visitor to sign up. Congrats! But what else did you do? Did you take full advantage of that conversion? Likely not. Typically, when a visitor completes an action on your site, they’re immediately sent to a thank you page. Most websites, however, have lackluster thank you pages that barely meet the…

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[Watch] How Procurify Scored a Ton of SaaS Demos with ABM & Landing Pages

It’s the kind of mega-growth story anyone starting a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company dreams about. You and a couple of friends have an idea for a product that fits a clear gap in the market. You pitch at a local startup event, which lands you in a growth accelerator, which also leads to your first seed funding. You spend that money hiring and building out the software. Before long, you’re closing your Series A, then your Series B. You’ve turned that original idea into a fast-growing SaaS platform serving hundreds of…

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27 Ecommerce Landing Page Examples to Maximize Sales in 2020

Effective ecommerce landing pages aren’t just about big logos and shiny product photos—they’re about giving shoppers the information, direction, and experience they need to smash that “Buy Now” button. Take a look at these hand-picked ecommerce landing page examples to make 2020 your best-selling year yet. Why Not Just Use Product Pages for Your Ecommerce Campaigns and Promotions? Pairing ads with product pages can lead to some pretty underwhelming results. According to Monetate, visitors convert half as often when they’re on a product page compared to a custom landing page…

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Content Marketing 101: How to Repurpose and Update Content

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as a content marketer. After all, you’re competing with the internet, where thousands of new blog posts are being published by the minute. Literally. About 4.4M blog posts are published per day, which works out to about 3000 posts every 60 seconds. And somewhere in that never ending flurry of content, you have to make sure your post gets noticed. No small feat, I know. But, I’m about to make your life a lot easier! Some content marketers like the quantity approach. They like to…

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15 Email Marketing Metrics & KPIs For Measuring Campaign Success

Editor’s note: This article was first published in December 2018. It has been updated in March 2020 for accuracy and completeness. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” – Peter Drucker. It’s the same for your email marketing campaigns. But what many marketers don’t realize is email marketing metrics go beyond open rates, click-through rates (CTRs), and unsubscribe rates. In fact, these won’t help you answer the key question – is your email marketing campaign effective? So in this guide, we’re going to look at everything you need…

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A Detailed Guide to Email Campaigns Localization

Most brands are going global. They’re targeting a global audience to sell their services and products. So are their email campaigns, with 280 million emails sent globally every single day. For this, they have to connect with their international users locally. This involves understanding their culture, language, traditions, buying habits, and related nuances. The reason being, only 25.2% of the overall Internet users are English speaking. 19.3% of users are Chinese, Spanish constitute 7.9%, and Arabic 5.2%, Statista reports. Imagine the potential audience you’re missing out on by not localizing…

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5 Thank You Pages That Take Post-Conversion to the Next Level

If you’re like me, you say “please” and “thank you” automatically. You’ve been saying these magic words since you were a kid. Because you were strongly motivated. Forget your manners, and you’d be humiliated in front of your family or strangers. Refuse altogether, and you’d be denied the obscure object of desire. “What do we say?” “Pweese.” Boom—the chunky monkey is yours! For today’s marketers, the problem with habitual politeness is that the delivery of a thank you message should never be a reflex. If a “thank you” rings hollow,…

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Why You Need Pre-Cart Landing Pages for Ecommerce (with Examples)

Here are a couple of interesting—terrifying?—statistics for ecommerce marketers: The average click-through rate (CTR) for an ecommerce search ad on Google is just 2.69%. Facebook isn’t any better, with a 0.09% CTR across all industries. But wait—it gets worse. Only 2.81% of people who click your Google ad will take an action (like buying something) when they land on your website. That’s… not awesome. Just a handful of people who see your paid ad will click it, and only a tiny fraction of them will actually convert to a sale.…

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Marketers Need an Easier Way to Optimize Landing Pages [Introducing Smart Traffic™]

Want to capture more conversions with your landing pages? (Silly question, right?) The received wisdom is that you should A/B test and optimize until you’re converting as many visitors as possible. For years, you’ve been told by industry leaders (and, yes, by Unbounce) that A/B testing is essential to your digital marketing practice. And why not? There’s plenty of evidence that shows A/B testing works by letting you squeeze more conversions from your existing assets. Brilliant. But if you’re on a small marketing team—heck, you just might be that proverbial…

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