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Best 15+ Event Invitation Email Templates and Examples You Can Steal

Event marketing allows you to interact with your buyers and create a lasting, positive impression of your business. That’s just one of the reasons that 31% of marketers believe event marketing is the single-most effective marketing channel. We all know that event marketing is never easy, though: you have to plan everything in advance and put together an effective communication strategy to coordinate your attendees. To make your strategy a success, you have to put together an event invitation email your invitees just can’t resist. Here is a look at…

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Paying for College with an Internship Salary

The number of hours a student needs to work to pay for just one year of their education has climbed to an unattainable level. How unattainable? We ran the numbers. David vs. Goliath: Paying for College with an Internship Salary Most students in the United States are told from a very young age that, in order to succeed and have a stable future, they need to attain a college degree. Accordingly, most students make plans for continuing their education upon graduating from high school. However, in a very literal sense,…

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