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How to Drive Traffic to Your Site

By now you probably don’t need us to convince you that using video for marketing is the way to Drive Traffic to Your Site. We’re purposely going to skip the analysis of all the available literature that studies the psychological aspects of using animated vs. static images in communication. Instead, we’ll just point out to the following: Since 2017, Facebook has officially been on a mission to focus more on building a community around video. By improving the organic reach achieved with videos and constantly studying how we engage with…

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Higher Education Email Marketing Strategies for Better Student Enrollment

Social media, instant messaging, chatbots, and programmatic advertising have changed the digital marketing landscape. A generation of consumers has grown up with mobile devices in their pockets, changing the way they interact online. Generation Z, students born between 2005 and 2015, rarely sit in front of a desktop for extended research sessions when they’re seeking information about products and services. They search from different devices across multiple platforms throughout the day to learn, to compare, to ask questions and to buy. In this environment, email seems old fashioned, an outdated…

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How to Use PPC Campaigns to Enroll More Students?

PPC Campaigns to Enroll More Students For a higher education institution to thrive (or even function), it needs a healthy year-on-year influx of new students. Given that an HEI’s (Higher Education Institution’s) enrolment statistics are intrinsically linked to its survival, there are no wrong ways in which to recruit and enroll new students. You may find that Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) may be the answer to all of your problems… And it might. However, as with any form of advertising, PPC has its caveats. Competition is rife and fierce,…

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