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What is a Sales Funnel and How to Build an Effective One

This article explores the methodology and technology of sales funnels – the fastest and the easiest way to promote, sell, and deliver your products or services online. You’ll find this article useful if you have an idea for an online business and you’re looking for a solution to put it quickly into action. What is a sales funnel? The idea of a sales funnel dates back to 1898 when E. St. Elmo Lewis developed a purchase funnel, or purchasing funnel – a marketing model which illustrates the theoretical customer journey…

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Tips And Tools To Write SEO-Friendly Content

Want your business to grow without increasing your marketing budget? Then make sure you produce SEO friendly content. Here’s how it works. Search engine optimized (SEO) websites with solid authority and a good backlink profile rank higher in the search engines. If your website shows up on the main page, you’ll get more clicks, shares, likes, and engagement. If nobody ever finds your page, then even the best-written articles are pointless. Needless to say, if you want your business to thrive, you need to make sure you write SEO-friendly content.…

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What Are Follow Up Emails and How to Use Them Effectively

Follow up emails are a great source of valuable information. If you plan them carefully, you might expect high engagement rates (e.g., open and click-through rate). This article is aimed at helping you apply follow ups strategically and increase the value of your email marketing. What is a follow up email A follow up email is an email you send after any significant point in the customer journey with a goal to collect a piece of information. You might send follow up emails to people who download your content asking…

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